RT Instability Collection

RT Instability Discovered

This past year I’ve been exercising my vast knowledge of science (NOT) and applying it to art by using RT, or Raleigh-Taylor Instability. This technique allows amazing effects in painting because of the reaction of paints with differing densities.

By experimentation I found out that certain colors work, and likewise some do not. Also, adding silicone generated interesting cells in the paint. The canvas prep for these paintings was also critical due to the interaction of the pigments.

It seems that I was inspired by attending my high school reunion in Aurora, Illinois, I suppose because a plethora of memories came to the front. The past influences our memories and emotions, and the results seem cosmic.

Actually, cosmic is a good word for this phenomena because it is same concept that occurs in outer space when we see photos of nebula and formations. The gases and elements are reacting in the same manner as my paints do, but on a much larger scale.


The Rayleigh–Taylor instability, or RT instability (after Lord Rayleigh and G. I. Taylor), is an instability of an interface between two fluids of different densities which occurs when the lighter fluid is pushing the heavier fluid.

RT Instability Applied

After doing a series of these paintings it became clear that it is very unpredictable how they would turn out. I experimented with different acrylics, silicones, and other additives. But the weird thing was that even if I used the EXACT same components, the results would vary.

I guess that’s how life is… we plan, prepare, study, etc., but it’s never totally predictable what will happen. Only God knows what will happen and when it will happen and how it happens. That’s where stability can be found. Especially because He loves us despite our “instabilities.”


Each RT painting is unique, and as the JAX collection, they’re like snowflakes and no two are the same.

I build my own stretchers and cut my own canvas, so any dimension can be produced up to about 72″.

RT Instability Collection Pricing

I sell them upon request at: .50 cents per square inch on stretched canvas.
Here are a few cost examples:

8″ x 10″ on canvas = $40

12″ x 14″ on canvas = $84

16″ x 20″ on canvas = $160

24″ x 30″ on canvas = $360

36″ x 48″ on canvas = $864

The same pricing applies to the JAX (after Jackson Pollock) collections. Click HERE for an example.

ABOUT the artist, Ed Lowe
His art is available to purchase at KellGrace Salon, 110 S. Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.

ABOUT the artist, Ed Lowe . . .
Email: ed@edplanet.com
Text: 407.267.6977
KellGrace Salon / 110 S. Park Ave / Winter Park, FL 32789