JAX Black Penetrates Darkness, Engulfs All Things

JAX Black Described

JAX Black is an example of abstract expressionism, and inspired by the 20th century artist, Jackson Pollock. Using the drip technique is challenging and messy, but the results are worth it. The dark background emits an aura of despair and loneliness, but the darkness can be overcome by LIGHT. All of the colors trailing the wooden surface represent pathways and byways of life and energy, and they stand out in brilliant contrast to the darkness.

In 1939, Pollock began visiting a Jungian analyst to treat his alcoholism, and his analyst encouraged him to create drawings which would later feed his paintings, and they shaped Pollock’s understanding of his pictures not only as outpourings of his own mind, but expressions that might stand for the terror of all modern humanity living in the shadow of nuclear war.

JAX Black is my interpretation of a dark setting with light overwhelming it. It is a picture of chaos, but also a transformation by light. The surface or palette begins in chaos, but then it emerges as a beautiful masterpiece!

26″ x 18″ acrylic on oakwood
poured on a wooden frame
with 2″ deep wooden box-frame
# 16-007

PRICE: $234 MSRP, reduced to $200 or if you buy the pair, JAX White & JAX Black as a set, you get both for a total of $350.

Darkly the path transcends ethereal realities for a new future

This painting is “after” Jackson Pollock, who is a major character in the Abstract Expressionism (1946 – 1956) movement. For what it’s worth I was born in 1951, which was exactly in the middle of that movement. I admit it is difficult to get into the mind of Pollock, but I admire the energy and passion of this great artist. He painted in an old barn near East Hampton, Long Island, New York. It is interesting that being in nature brought out such divergent artwork, therefore he was like Vincent van Gogh, but in contrast they were so different in style.

Jax Black

… A major figure in the abstract expressionist movement.  Wikipedia

Jackson Pollock was a primary influence in the abstract expressionist era, hence his style was revolutionary as he would splash, throw, and drip paint unto a canvas. He had fame and fortune during his short life, but sadly alcoholism killed him in a car crash. He was married to Lee Krasner, who was another artist of the era and the steward of his legacy.

JAX style original paintings pricing

I sell them upon request at: .50 cents per square inch on stretched canvas.
Here are a few cost examples:

8″ x 10″ on canvas = $40

12″ x 14″ on canvas = $84

16″ x 20″ on canvas = $160

24″ x 30″ on canvas = $360

36″ x 48″ on canvas = $864

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