Jax White Enlightens, Enthralls, Entertains

Jax White is a expression of a clear path and a bright future. The living lines and colors represent the inner activity of the soul, an unrestrained presence of life surging forward. Yet there is evidence of a raging struggle, perhaps a bit of anger. The lines criss-cross with what seems to be a random movement, but the synchronization of the whole remains intact.

I’m not certain of the vision of Pollock, but I know what is in me. With Jax White, I respond to that inner force and participate in the action of painting. The only thing that transcends the vigorous process is the satisfaction when it is complete. That is when I stand back and wonder what happened. Never quite fully able to know, the feeling is overwhelming and inspiring. The deep inspiration drives me forward to the next project and the next after that. If I cannot glean this passion, I cannot paint.

26″ x 18″ acrylic on oakwood
poured on a 2″ deep wooden box-frame
# 16-006

The path is the way and clearly all things are in position for change.

After Jackson Pollack. Abstract Expressionism (1946 – 1956).

Pollack is known as the creator of “Action Painting,” usually done on very large canvas. Ed was born in the middle of this era and has managed to replicate the style in a smaller format. But his largest piece (53″ x 77″) is on display in Kell’s condo in Winter Park. This painting, Jax White, can definitely be re-created in a larger format, the size does not matter.

Jax White

Since I got the studio all messy, it only made sense to do a pair. Double the fun! Purchase as a pair with “Jax Black,” and get the diptych for $650. Call me at 407.267.6977 for this $50 savings.

ABOUT the artist, Ed Lowe
His art is available to purchase at KellGrace Salon, 110 S. Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.