Let's Dance

Hi, Let’s Dance

This is a large composition of layers of dancers. “Hi, Let’s Dance” is a festive piece that looks into the invitation to dance.

I’m bashful about dancing, but love to watch others, but would never say, “Hi, let’s dance.” I wasn’t that Junior High kid who went to the dance and never got to dance with a girl – I just skipped the dances! Or, I went to them for the wrong reasons. It seemed I was drawn to trouble. I don’t think I was the cause of it, but it cannot be ruled out either.

So there I was, a 10th grader who made the wrestling team walking around a dance at the YMCA. I was fit because to beat out a dozen guys in my weight class I had to lift weights all summer, and it paid off. But it might have been convenient if I also took dance lessons that summer.

Then this Japanese guy spotted me because the week before I got into a fight with his cousins. They were a year or two younger, but there were four of them, and only two of us, me and my friend. We won, but it was for a righteous cause. That’s another story. This kid was obviously trained in Judo or Karate because he took up a really scary stance that scared the acrylics out of me.

So, since I was in wrestling practice every day after school, I did the logical move . . . a TAKE-DOWN. In wrestling that would be 2 points, but this was life or death. So little Bruce Lee Junior started chopping and making strange sounds. My panic was a controlled slamming of his head to the floor. He got quieter, but kept chopping harmlessly at my back because I had him in a bear hug and would not let go. I sensed if I did he would’ve had the advantage of mobility. So my theory was not to give him the ability to move and use his lethal weapons, his hands and arms.

Next thing I know security had their hands all over us and tossed us out the front door. After they left, Karate Kid ran back in for back-up. I saw them earlier, about five or six nasty looking asian gangsters. Don’t take this as racial or anything, but we all knew these guys carried blades. So my inner wrestler acquiesced to the tactical field commander. I got in a taxi and went home, and I lived to fight another day.

50″ x 64″ acrylic on canvas
on a MightyWood Stretcher
# 17-001

$1,200   $950
On display at NSB Ballroom in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The girl danced and I was drawn to her. With my greeting, I swept her away in my arms. There’s nothing better in the world than to dance freely.

Original art inspired by the dancers of New Smyrna Beach Ballroom: Tony & Renae! They epitomize DANCERS, and they love to say, Let’s Dance! And it’s contagious because they have a rave following of clients that love to come to any event and dance. Seriously, they dance in the ballroom, in the streets, on the beach, and anywhere once the music starts. I am very proud of the great fellowship my daughter and son-in-law have built in their niche.

ABOUT the artist, Ed Lowe . . .
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KellGrace Salon / 110 S. Park Ave / Winter Park, FL 32789