Survival Village – We Will Live Another Day!

This painting is about an apocalyptic event. Survival Village is sort of doomsday, but not a human-species-terminating one. The sky section uses the RT techniques seen in other works using fluid dynamics. The hills and village are painted with gesso and acrylics.

Why Did I paint Survival Village?

Actually, this project began as an “extinction event.” I was immersed for months studying and experimenting with fluid dynamics (see RT paintings) when the idea sprung to mix techniques. So I thought to make the sky section RT, and rest of the work acrylics with blades and brushes. Survival Village happened out of the fourth trial! A few versions were much darker, no one would survive them. When I finish them I suppose they should go on the black market for those focused on death.

16″ by 20″ acrylic on canvas
on a MightyWood stretcher


What Does it Mean?

Jesus had a few strong warnings about the end times, but my painting isn’t so much religious as it is contemplative. Whatever you believe, or whatever your faith is, it’s natural to think about perilous times and the hope to get through them. The background skyscape in Survival Village is frightening and threatening, but not lethal. The previous trials are red-based and unsurvivable.

Survival Sky

If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.
Matthew 24:22

Yep, let’s cut those days short. That’s why I went with the blue-based sky for now. Don’t worry though, the day will come when I’m in a really sour mood and I’ll finish and publish what I will call, “Extinction Sky.”

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