Sandhill Crane & Chick – Royal Birds!

Throughout central Florida these magnificent birds form in colonies. They show no fear of humans or their vehicles. But I have yet to see where humans have not yielded to these long-legged creatures. They mate for life and most rural Floridians are visited by them regularly. In the evening all of the cranes in the area take flight and nest together like a big clan. Their call as they fly over is like a scene from a Jurassic Park movie. “The oldest unequivocal sandhill crane fossil is 2.5 million years old.” – Wikipedia It’s amazing to watch them every year when their chicks hatch. Usually there are two, and they grow extremely fast. When Cathy and I ride our bikes we call them “The Royals,” as they tolerate our passing. The chick in this paining is less than a week old, but in the photo below the chick would only be about 4 or 5 weeks old. This was one of the most enjoyable paintings I’ve ever done!









24″ by 32″ acrylic on canvas
mounted on a MightyWood stretcher frame



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