SeaHawk – I am Graceful, I am Armored

This painting I call SeaHawk was made of a Hawksbill Turtle to be the background of a 40-gallon aquarium. But then it occurred to the artist that it would be counter productive to hide most of the painting behind decorations in the tank. And in time, the beautiful painting would be hidden behind algae. So instead I framed it with a cedar frame to be displayed. The creature seems to be yearning to search the entire sea, floating gracefully in the depths.

19″ by 30″ acrylic on panel board
mounted in a cedar frame


SeaHawk represents STRENGTH and GRACEFULNESS. Yet when they are out of the water they are slow and cumbersome. They are hatched in the sand on beaches, and upon hatching they are extremely vulnerable. But mostly, I marvel at their strength.

I will not fail to speak of Leviathan’s limbs, its strength and its graceful form. Who can strip off its outer coat? Who can penetrate its double coat of armor? (Job 41)

The sea is always a wonderful thing to generate inspiration. This painting is of a turtle under the waves, but I have also painted a scene after Van Gogh above the waves. It’s called Seascape. It portrays the rugged sea with ancient ships navigating the waves.

We know the sea turtles are predators seeking prey. Years ago I learned that truth the hard way. I purchased a small slider turtle and an expensive cobalt blue lobster. Both looked ferocious, and they both were about three or four inches in length. But after one day in the aquarium all I found of the lobster was pieces of shell and severed legs. The turtle seemed content and satisfied. That was a $20 lesson I will never forget.

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