Lonely Tree

The Lonely Tree Awaits Fellowship in the Mountains

The Lonely Tree is A Noble Subject

Surviving the harshest elements on earth, the mountains stand firm, because the lonely tree stands with them. Mountains are one of the most magnificent parts of creation, hence, they were made to be painted. As far back as my memory goes, I’ve loved drawing and painting them, and I think I can paint the Lonely Tree with my eyes closed. Getting the shape of the hills right has almost become a muscle-memory reflex for me. The same for shading and texturing the individual slopes.

Mountains and hills are often harsh natural environments, while cities and towns are controlled. There is hard rock, steep slopes, and above all, snow in these scenes.  The snow, of course, conjures coldness, whereas the tree signifies life and strength. Similarly, this contrast infuses the painting with inspiration.

16″ x 20″ acrylic & gesso on canvas
on a MightyWood Stretcher
# 16-038
On display at KellGrace Salon, 110 S. Park Ave, Winter Park, Florida 32789

$600   $500 

My companions are of stone and not wood, yet they are my friends

Also, the scene conveys a sense of fellowship or companionship while the solitary tree awaits others. It’s possible, and likely in nature, that seeds have fallen nearby that hence will yield more trees. But who can say the tree doesn’t find companionship and fellowship with the hills? I’d like to think they do, and my painting shows it!

However, solitude is a relative condition. Those who isolate themselves from only those of identical attributes will inevitably be alone. And if there was a way for them to be with only clones of themselves – they would be at war forever!

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KellGrace Salon / 110 S. Park Ave / Winter Park, FL 32789